Radio Occitania | Who are we?

Ràdio Occitània, qu'es aquò ?

As a community radio, created in 1981 in Toulouse, our main characteristic indicated by our name, is about promoting the Occitan language and culture, always also considering the large cultural mozaic from the 5 continents that is present in Midi-Pyrénées (Africa, Antilles, Bulgaria, Catalunya, Spain, Maghreb, Portugal, Réunion, USA, Vietnam…).

We create and broadcast 24 hours a day programmes on our own that are all or in part in Occitan and about any kind of themes: economics, politics, sport, litterature, cinema, culture, history, news, science, new technologies… bringing thus an Occitan view on the today's world.

In Midi-Pyrénées, several community radios propose Occitan-speaking programmes, in Ariège, Tarn, Tarn-et-Garonne, Lot and Aveyron. However, only two community radios broadcast that kind of programme at more than 60% of their schedule: Radio Pais in the west, between the Alantic ocean and the river Garonne, and Radio Occitania, in the Toulouse area, Comminges and Lauragais.

Radio Occitania is broadcasting everyday 10 programmes of regional, euroregional, national and international news, thus showing the living and alive character of the troubadours' language.


According to a socio-linguistic study, commissioned in 2010 by the Midi-Pyrénées Region, Occitan is spoken by 18% and understood by 32% of the population on the regional territory.

Amongst the questionned people, 93% consider that the Occitan language is part of the Midi-Pyrénées culture, 75% are in favour of a tuition of Occitan and 62% are in favour of a reinforcement of its presence in the media. (Links to the study: here)

A recent poll by Mediamétrie performed in the very city of Toulouse, of which results corroborate those of the previous years, give to our radio station the following figures:

  • Everyday Audience: 1,2%
  • Weekly Audience: 3 ,1%

Reported to the whole population pool concerned by our broadcasting (1,350,000 inhabitants), those percentages give the following results:

  • Everyday Audience: 17.000 People
  • Weekly Audience: 42.000 People

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